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Turn up your speakers with the Hoot game music and sound emulator

April 7, 2015

Never let the classic hits die. If you do that will be the end of anything these days worth playing. No offense to what is currently on the market, but how do you replace the experiences you  had when you were growing up?

Well throw another way to relive those days on the grill, with Hoot. For those not in the know, Hoot is a sound and game music emulator that covers literally thousands of soundtracks to over 2400 different titles. Many of these are Japanese computer systems and their sound units, along with quite a number of arcade boards to boot.

I actually first discovered Hoot back in 2002, before the days of this blog and during an era where my love for emulation and its necessity in preserving classic games was at an all time high. Such is the case today, as I have a fascination for both the hardware and the games running on them. Especially Konami game boards of course, which is where the bulk of my knowledge lies.

As for the games supported, take your pick. 2400+ games supported from about 817 different game companies. Where have all the cowboys gone? Many companies have vanquished, but their contributions still live on thanks to a certain Japanese developer.

To name a few on the Konami home front, here are some off the top of my head you should check out. Gaiapolis, Super Contra, Sexy Parodius, just to name a few.

Especially Gaiapolis, a soundboard with a couple of songs called "Take back my daughter", and "Stone of a Winged Man". Yes, some songs right out of the sound chip itself actually have names, instead of just BGM (Background Music) and simple numbers all the time.

The official page can be found here, and it supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. Simply put your supported roms in a sub-folder, and use the Backspace and Space keys to cycle through song names and game titles. Your configuration file should look like this.

;PC98 sampling_rate=55466
;X68k sampling_rate=62400
;Megadrive sampling_rate=44100

If you need any help getting things started, you can refer to a useful FAQ section at Snesmusic for assistance.

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