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These cute Konami girls know how to handle a soccer ball

October 28, 2014

I could watch these cute girls all day long. Three lovely Konami girls showing what they can do with the game they adore the most, football, or known in some parts of the world as soccer. Two of these great videos take place outside, while one is done in her own kitchen.

Also, here is a really sweet part you're going to enjoy the heck out of. They actually placed a "GoPro" camera inside the soccer ball, so you can see movement from a "football point of view" angle.

These girls just love the game of football so much, they don't seem to skip a beat when it comes to showing what they can do with it. I had a good laugh when the top video of the girl stopped when her cell phone rang, and then she answered it and ran off somewhere. The laughs and cuteness don't even stop there.

The second video is more of a trip when it comes to showing off a bit. This girl not only does everything the first one did, she even goes to the refrigerator while the football is on the back of her neck, then takes a drink out, goes over to the couch and continues her kicking rampage.

Talk about coordination and control, she has both to boot. The bottom one is no exception either. After showing her endurance and skill with a ball, she's even doing it with socks that seem to go all the way up to the knees.

Then a bus pulls up that has the words "Football Club" on the side of it, and she gets on and takes off. Gee I wonder where she's going? Football practice no doubt. Anyway, these videos were all released by Konami and are simply called "Daily football juggling movie of a girl madly in love with football." They are basically here to promote their All-Stars league, and do so in a really nice way.

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