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A beautiful symphony deserves some massive tribute

October 21, 2014

This is likely the last time I'll post about this sort of thing, but since it's still fresh in the minds of Castlevania fans, I thought I would point this one out for you. A site called "Bleeding-Cool" did a pretty lengthy article yesterday, paying homage to long time Castlevania producer

Koji Igarashi. Some of you have probably never even heard of that name, but it is the real brains behind the best Castlevania games out there. Symphony of the Night for one, which is hailed as the best 2D game in the series, ever.

Do you think that the franchise skipped the track when they went to Lords of Shadow? Should the series do a reboot, or go back to the MetroidVania type days when SOTN and Order of Ecclesia were on the minds of the masses? One thing that Igarashi has in store, is to continue making games that are similar to Castlevania, since that's where a large part of his experience resonates from.

It will be interesting to say the least to see what crop had sprung from the seed that was planted after Koji made the big decision to leave Konami for good. Tribute? He stole our souls, and made us his slaves......and we were glad of it.

via Bleeding-Cool

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