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A blast from the cartoon past with characters from Konami games

June 12, 2015

Growing up during the 1980s was a fun experience for me when it comes to video games. I was smack in the middle of the Atari revolution, and after its demise in 1984 thanks to an over saturated market with inferior games, Nintendo rose like a phoenix from the ashes to save us all from video game damnation.

This time around Nintendo made good and sure to not make the same mistake that the previous companies did by only allowing quality games to be published. That's why you see the official Nintendo seal on every legitimate game with the approval of the company added. After such a huge success, it was high time for a cartoon right?

Besides shows like the Super Mario Bros. Super Show that aired, you also had Captain N - The Game Master. Sounds a bit cheesy right? The show was a joint venture between America and Canada as a part of the Saturday morning lineup on the NBC network.

Kids would flock to their TV sets to get a dose of their favorite video game characters like Mega Man, Kid Icarus, and even Link from the Zelda games. Among the usual crew was also a well known Simon Belmont from the Castlevania games.

The only thing wrong they got about him was the fact that he not only didn't look quite right, but he also had somewhat of a vanity issue, and was obsessed with his good looks.

Another familiar face from the wide world of Konami games is Bayou Billy. As hard as that game was, and as ridiculous as the game play was just trying to stay alive, it did have enough merits to warrant an appearance or two in the cartoon show.

The story was easy enough to follow, a teenager by the name of Kevin Keene along with his dog Duke were sucked into a vortex called the "Ultimate Warp Zone" that appeared in his TV set and transported him to a place called Videoland. His role is to fulfill an ancient prophecy where he becomes Captain N - The Game Master and defeat the evil forces led by Mother Brain from the floating fortress called Metroid.

Perhaps not so easy to follow, but you get the picture. I would watch this show religiously to see what their next adventures took them, hoping to see another favorite video game character appear and help the crew out.

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, there was also a comic based on the series from Valiant Comics. These are the kinds of gems that have been lost in time, but thanks to the invention of the Internet and YouTube, we can still get a healthy dose of these puppies with decent quality.

They bring back some memories, and must be preserved for future generations, although the ultimate respect and appreciation will always come from those who lived it up close and personal back then.

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