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A blast from the classic past with Video Games - The Movie

May 16, 2015

Picture this, it's your birthday, and mom and dad have been keeping your gift a secret somewhere in the bowels of their bedroom closet. What did they get you? You open it up, and realize it's the very thing you've been screaming for a long time.

A NES console, complete with two controllers, Super Mario Bros., and Duck Hunt. That was a part of my own childhood, and after getting my brand new 8-bit console, I didn't care about the cake, I just wanted to rip that sucker open and go at it all night long.

An era before that, back during the 70s the idea of being able to play a video type game seemed more like something out of Star Trek. When the first game was launched called PONG, it sat in a bar for a while, and the bar owner called up the owner of the machine and said that it wasn't working properly, asking him to come and either fix it or get rid of it.

As it turned out the reason behind the machines malfunction was the fact that it was overflowing with quarters. Sounds like a successful product wouldn't you say?

Since that time a golden era launched during the early 1980s, both in arcade and console with systems like the Atari 2600. Unfortunately due to a unrestrained flow of low quality games being flooded into the market place it caused a great crash that collapsed the industry, and made people lose interest in console games.

Garbage like E.T. The Extra Terrestrial had literally destroyed a business that was thriving for years. Then it happened, a company called Nintendo came to the rescue, and this time made damn sure there was quality control for its 3rd party developers.

Konami was immediately on board of course, launching titles like Gradius, Contra, and Castlevania with a style and graphic display unheard of in the world of gaming. So maybe it's high time to pay a tribute to all of this madness. One that shows you the history behind it all, and the pitfalls and successes that went with it.

How about a movie? Yeah, that sounds about right. A special documentary, one that will be launching in a few days from now. May 23rd to be exact, so mark that on your calendar, and be sure to catch it on release day.

It's called "Video Games - The Movie", and you won't want to miss it. This will not only be a tribute to gaming itself, but give you a good history lesson, along with a whole new appreciation for what goes into making a game.

Of course, yours truly Metal Gear Solid director Hideo Kojima will be within the mix, as you can see from the Solid Snake image on the movie flyer above. Won't that be good for a spin? Take a look at the trailer below and comment on what you think about it.


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