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A casino slot machine based on the Suikoden series

October 27, 2014

By now we are very familiar with movies based on video games, and video games based on movies. But yet few of us ever wonder about the casino business, and how games have inspired new machines there as well. Suikoden happens to be one of them, along with other Konami game hits like Castlevania.

So let's take a quick look at a of video featuring Suikoden, in the world of gambling. Part IV of Suikoden for one, as you can see in the video below being explained in a cool video trailer. But the concept is to show you what a Suikoden pachislot gambling machine looks like after being made.

Few people realize that Konami *does* have a pretty large hand in the casino business. Yes, indeed, they aren't limited to games like Metal Gear. Personally, I would love to get my hands on a couple of pachislot machines made by Konami, especially a Suikoden based one. Let me know what you think about this sort of concept, or what you would like to see made in the future based on the series. It really needs to make a return in more ways than one.


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