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A classic Konami MSX game that is getting some well deserved attention

February 5, 2015

Most people outside the confines of places like Japan, Spain, Middle East and the Netherlands have likely never heard of the MSX computer system. Did you know that a number of great Konami games were made for it, not to mention two of the best Metal Gear games were also on it? Many did not, and there is a story to be told about their history and what led to their development.

For starters the MSX Japanese computer system released in June of 1983, and predated the ever successful Nintendo Family Computer, or "Famicom" for short. Two major game companies paved the way for it which included both Konami and Hudson Soft.

The first two Metal Gear titles had somewhat of a questionable start. Director Hideo Kojima had no involvment in its follow up title, Snake's Revenge. After having consulted with the main team member of Snake's Revenge, Kojima decided to do a proper sequel that would be more appealing to what he wanted, and originally he had no intention of doing an sequel to the first game.

The MSX version of the first MG game was superior to the Nintendo version in number of ways including looks and game soundtrack. The second installment would be an even greater impact with the fans as he rolled out Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. The story line was completely different and involved a world energy crisis, and a certain scientist that had discovered a way to produce fuel from algae, something that is actually taking place today via government experimentation.

If you recall, the first Metal Gear wasn't even about that at all, as the last boss was basically a super computer and not a mobile robot armed with nuclear weapons. Something of a let down to a number of people. So for those of you who want some more insight and a more in depth history into these classic MSX gems, I highly recommend taking a look at the video below, courtesy of strafefox.

t will take you back to a time when gaming was in its golden age, and might shed a tear or two for a time we will never see again, but at least can relive once more through hits like these that still deserve some attention.

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