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A closer look at what Konami may have in store for the future of gaming

August 24, 2015

Recently was posted that Konami was conducting a survey for what games their fans like, and of course the almighty question of why. Personally I say it's about time, and it is certainly in the best interest of any company to gather as much feedback from their customers as to what they should put focus on, and what games should sit on the shelf for a bit longer period of time. For some time now the company has been going through quite a transition. 

Restructuring, evolving, transforming,.....whatever you want to call it, it's seems to be happening. Let me bring you up to speed on a few things for those of you who are still scratching your heads. 

Around 2008, or perhaps even before that time Konami's long time developers and composers like Michiru Yamane, who brought us years of great Castlevania music have been moving on with their whatever that may be. It involves freelancing, other job opportunities, or perhaps even taking a break from the gaming scene altogether to regroup themselves until their next move in life.

This includes big name titles like Castlevania, LovePlus (a dating & girlfriend simulator), Silent Hill (Akira Yamaoka ~ Musical composer), and now Metal Gear director Hideo Kojima is leaving the company for *whatever* reasons (hint hint wink wink) and only the powers that be know who else.

It's no big surprise for Kojima leaving the company, as he has been saying for years that he wants to move away from Metal Gear and do something else with his life. Voice acting being one of them.

So what does that leave us? A huge boulder sitting on our shoulders with the wonder of what this will mean for the future of our beloved favorite games. This includes my friends from the Suikoden Revival Movement, which I promoted on a regular basis. All 27,000+ of them my friend. Yeah, feel free to stop by and say hi, as well as give us a like on Facebook.

With those fine and dandy comments and tidbits of information at your disposal, here is a quick run down on what games were a part of the survey........meaning what games Konami has "likely" deemed worthy candidates for a future title in development.

Konami Heritage Games Survey

Sunset Riders
Mystical Ninja / Goemon                                                              
Zone of the Enders
Rocket Knight Adventures / Sparkster
Bishi Bashi Special
Vandal Hearts 
New International Track & Field

After getting a sniff of that list you may be wondering what a few of these are doing on the list. I was surprised to see Sunset Riders on the list, as even I didn't know it was THAT popular, and I love that game too. Others include some much desired titles including Suikoden, Castlevania, Ganbare Goemon (Mystical Ninja), Gradius, Contra, and fill in the blanks for what you want too my friend.

All in all, this looks to be an attempt for the "current generation" of Konami developers to get an idea of where to go from here. Generations come and go, and such was the case with the dearly departed Koji Igarashi, Michiru Yamane, the staff behind the Suikoden series, and so on.

One can only hope that when they do finally assess which titles will bring home the bacon in terms of profitability with the biggest fanbase, that they will ensure that the same style and game play that made the above mentioned titles so great will be kept intact. 

After all, without that, you will never keep the same flame burning that put Konami on the map for all of these years, and sparked my own interest to blog about them. Am I right? Add your thoughts below in the comment section, and let your own voice be heard. After all, without you, they will never know.

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