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A cool dress up game for Heather Mason from Silent Hill

December 17, 2014

Dress up games are nothing new, but one built just for Heather Mason from the Silent Hill series certainly is to most people. A lady by the name of Elisa Fortes  has now made that possible, thanks to her new game, which you can try out for free now if you want to.

For those who are new to the Silent Hill series Heather Mason is the main protagonist in Silent Hill 3 and one character that you've likely seen a few cosplay performances floating around the Internet. Elisa herself is an artist from Spain who loves video games and well, you can definitely tell she loves the SH series. Take a look at a few shots below to get an idea of the kind of apparel you can dress Heather up in.

I really like this one. Heather Mason has a "Mace on". Sure why not?, and there is more where that came from.

So many outfits and styles to choose from, so there should be a bit of something for any fan of dress up games. This one she is also sporting a gun.

If you like what you see then guess what? You can get the full game right now for only a €3.00 donation which is a bargain for such a cool game. This was made using Photoshop, with pixel art style and took a year to develop, as Elisa has worked really hard on this game. If you want you can try it out and download the latest demo here.

Elisa is making a name for herself with the creative art she's been dishing out lately, and you can help that name become even better known by sharing her work with others so they can see her work as well. If you want you can go ahead and get the full game using the donate button below.



 You can also check out Elisa's other sites where you can find some of her other great works of art!





Be sure to check out those links and don't forget that if you like what you see, please share it with others so they can appreciate Elisa's work as well. She would be most grateful for your help! Art has certainly became a way of life for her.

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