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A few reasons why you need another job for your game habits

October 9, 2014

Perhaps not a second job, but certainly the need for a bigger wallet. Wall St Cheat Sheet has put together a list of seven games that are just insanely priced. Out of all of them, Suikoden II managed to make it into the #6 slot. Why? How about a $600 price tag!

Indeed, Konami printed but a limited number of this outstanding RPG from the late 90s. Collecting rare games is often expensive, and only for those who can afford it. So what made the other 6 on the list? Let's take a look at all of them.

1.) EarthBound for Super Nintendo - Valued up to $1,250

2.) Shantae for Nintendo Gameboy Color - Valued up to $1,500

3.) FlintStones 2: Surprise at Dinosaur Peak for 8-bit NES - Valued up to $1,300

4.) Megaman 5 for Nintendo Gameboy - Valued up to $500

5.) Radiant Silvergun for Sega Saturn - Valued up to $1,200

6.) Suikoden II for Playstation - Valued up to $600

7.) Nintendo World Championships - Valued up to $20,000

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, that last one sells for that much, because it is incredibly hard to find. Check out this eBay listing for it here. While your at it, take a good look at a few other articles of expensive game related items. If you think that last one was bad, how would you like to pay ten million dollars for one Yu-Gi-Oh card? Check out the pics below for more surprises.

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