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A funny side to Castlevania III through the lens of a cartoon parody video

August 19, 2016

Kicking off another round of Castlevania tribute with another fan made funny video. What else? When Simon's Quest first hit the NES scene back in the late 80s, the fans were somewhat skeptical about how the game looked in comparison with the first title.

Castlevania II took the series in a new direction, and one that some fans didn't much care for, as it took on a sort of "action RPG" element, where instead of having that platform level by level feel to it,  you went around collecting Dracula's body parts from town to town and castle to castle in an attempt to rid Simon Belmont of a "curse" that was placed on him.

Sounds like fun, but the fans wanted a more traditional game, and one that gave them much more of what the first title did. So Konami stepped up to the plate, and produced Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse. Taking place many years earlier than the first game did, you took on the role of Trevor Belmont, and a new army of minions and levels designed for just that.

More is better....and also with it came the ability to change partners you picked up along they way such as Grant, Alucard, and Sypha. Each with their own abilities and unique powers.

Sounds like fun, but the fun was only the beginning, and since Castlevania 3 was the answer to the fans woes and anger toward the second title, it also meant this was the best NES title that would go down in Castlevania history *as* one of the best in the entire series.

So much so that it's even felt and remembered today from the fan base, who takes their precious time to produce their own renditions of the experience, one of which is yet another funny cartoon parody made by Frob Man who did a parody for the first two games.

This one takes you into the funny side of Dracula's Curse, and will show you the funny side of it all, as even serious games need a laugh or two along the way don't you think?

A big thanks to Frob Man for taking the time to produce this cartoon and upload to YouTube as always. Fire away with your comments about your own personal experience with Castlevania 3, and what your favorite character was you used during the game.

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