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A giant Metal Gear Ray is attacking your city

October 22, 2014

I've seen some Metal Gear figure and model collections over the years. People pulling out all the stops to have everything MG they can get their hands on. But there is one model I've been seeing lately that takes the cake, and bakes the cake.

What you see below is a pretty big Metal Gear Ray model being shown by renowned artist Yoji Shinkawa. For some of you this would be almost a holy grail of your collection to have sitting in your game room. When the friends come over for some good times, they just might a tad envious of you.

So how bad will this beauty do a number on your wallet? How about somewhere in the neighborhood of $490. Yeah, currently right at that number, as the Ray figure is not going to be cheap. For those of you who do plan on getting one of these, I hope your pretty tall when you stand on your wallet.

But still, it is one awesome looking model to have sitting around. If you want to pre-purchase one right now, you can do so by heading over to Bambaland. The specifications for it are also there as well.

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