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A group cosplay act for Metal Gear characters

October 24, 2014

More cosplay on the front, as these folks have posted another cosplay performance for the public eye. This time it's more than one, as it's a whole family of Metal Gear Solid characters! Doing cosplay acts such as these are never tiresome, just make for some quality entertainment.

I'm not sure where the most action is coming from, Silent Hill, Castlevania, or Metal Gear. Likely MGS as of late, since Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain have been getting so much attention these days. After all, the worlds first open world Metal Gear has gotten many wanting more and more!

Keep the performances coming boys, or rather in this case, boys and three ladies. How about a quick Metal Gear trivia? See if you can guess which character is which and name all or at least some of them. Starting from left to right.

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