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A Konami game accessory that took you by surprise - Laser Scope

June 10, 2015

Let's go back to the mid 1980s era, a time when gaming was recovering from the market crash that left many game companies bankrupt. Nintendo has risen from the ashes to bring us to a better world, and make gaming great again just as it should be. While their success was overwhelming, and dominated the market for years to come, that doesn't mean everything about the game market was flawless.

With successful highs come staggering lows. Some of the embarrassing nature. The NES light gun had its issues, then there was R.O.B. the robot, which only made use of two games called Gyromite and Stack Up.

Konami too had an issue with one of its game accessories. Yeah, the laser scope. The one that fit on your head, and looked something like a toy headphone for kids. It was silly looking, and was voice controlled. Indeed, instead of using a trigger to shoot enemies, you yelled FIRE over and over again, probably annoying the hell out of your parents in the process.

The device also allowed you to use it as a headphone for your Gameboy or other device, just like a regular one. Of course, you probably wouldn't want your friends seeing you with this thing on, assuming you still wanted to keep them as friends.

When I first saw this I had to laugh. The game industry at that time was in its infancy as far as deciding what gamers want, and why they want it. You saw so many game accessories like this one that didn't sell well, and were basically complete failures to boot.

As much as I love Konami, this is one that had many fans scratching their heads, and if you still managed to have this just for collecting purposes, hats off to you for finding one complete with the box. The ever so popular Angry Video Game Nerd you've been seeing all over YouTube has a few words to say about it at time segment 6:44 if you want to check it out below.

Just watch yourself, as the video is NSFW, and contains coarse language in case your in a sensitive setting. Gee if only you had a Konami laser scope headset to use so no one would hear. Then again maybe that isn't such a great idea.

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