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A love dating simulator that's hard to put down

October 27, 2014

Then again, who says you have to be lovesick to enjoy a nice girlfriend simulator game? Sometimes people do things because they are interesting and fun! LovePlus is just that, a girlfriend simulator that has gotten more attention than you might think. Let's put that into perspective. When LovePlus launched on the Nintendo DS back in 2009, in only 6 months it sold more than 180,000 copies. Sounds like a niche market to me.

Since then the number of fans for the series has done nothing but grow and grow. Japan gets all the good stuff as usual. On top of that, there has been arcade versions based on the series, as well as mobile formats, and even a few manga titles to boot.

So what's in store for us now?, Konami has just announced yet another one, this time its' called New LovePlus+. Two pluses?

Two pluses means one thing for a girlfriend simulator, it's being called an "evolved version". A total of three players can participate at the same time, this time. So far that's the only information Konami has released about it as of yet. No release date or price tag given currently. As with last time, Saori Hayami, Sakura Tange, and Yuko Minaguchi will return as Manaka Takane, Rinko Kobayakawa, and  Nene Anegasaki.
With that out of the way, some of you are wondering what a "girlfriend simulator" looks like.  Try your eyes at a couple of videos below to get an idea of how it works. If you know Japanese, this might be the sort of thing that grows on you. Just don't take it too seriously, or you might end up like this fellow.

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