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A man is nothing but a miserable pile of funny Castlevania cartoon videos

August 22, 2016

Time to kick off yet another round of Castlevania cartoon comedy week, and this time we are moving on to the grandfather of them all. Yeah, you saw this coming and so did I folks.

Oh to be young and in love.....with a great Castlevania game that is. Symphony of the Night has been hailed as the best of the best from the fans when it comes to how a true Castlevania game should be. Why is that?

Well, if you've played SOTN, then you know what I mean. When Konami launched it back in the mid 1990s, people didn't know what to expect now that the Playstation 1 had made its debut, and the world of gaming was making a transition from 2D gaming to 3D worlds. The Castlevania series at the time however had plans to remain a 2D game, until the launch of the Nintendo 64 title released later on.

Upon facing the reality of sticking your new vampire hunting game in the CD drive, and pressing start, you were launched into a massive castle with Alucard, Dracula's son at the helm and more secrets, power-ups, and weapons than you could shake a stick at.

Not to mention the absolute best game soundtrack and graphics for a 2D game, which was as good as it would get for that era, and still holds its own today. Even by today's standards my friends.

At first Symphony of the Night didn't get the attention it deserved, due to everyone's minds being taken away to fantasia by other titles, such as Final Fantasy VII, and a few others that hit the scene.

But after some time, it managed to become a must have Castlevania for any fan and any collector out there. One that would show the world that THIS his how a Castlevania game should look and play.

Unfortunately generations come and go, and with it the unwanted changes that sometimes plague them. Such as moving away from those timeless 2D games many of us grew up with, and now being surrounded in a gaming market filled with gigantic 3D open worlds. Many of which can't seem to hold their own when it comes to replay value. But that doesn't mean you and I should forget what put it all on the map.

SOTN being one of them, and as long as we are still breathing air, it will continue to dominate our gaming libary. So what a better way to pay tribute, than to steal men's souls and make them our slaves with a funny cartoon or two by the folks at Ricepirate.

These guys know game comedy, and who says you can't take a great game and have fun with it? By adding a dose of humor to it in the process. A special thanks to the boys who made and uploaded this puppy to YouTube.

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