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A Metal Gear collection that would make Snake proud

October 24, 2014

As a former collector, I can honestly say that even though I have personally had a number of mint condition Metal Gear games in my collection, it would never come close to a fraction of what these two pictures show. In the top, you can see this one has practically ever MG game ever made! He even has the MSX version of the original Metal Gear, which by the way was superior to the NES version in more ways than one.

Various versions of Solid Snake, a Revolver Ocelot figure, and even a Raiden figure or two to boot are in there. I think this guy is running out of shelf space, and might want to build another one. Great job in your collection CrackerMc, as yours is the biggest I've seen so far.

The second one below isn't too far behind either. Die hard fans of Metal Gear like these have likely been around since the beginning. Last year the franchise just celebrated its 25th anniversary, and what a better way than to bring out a Metal Gear Collection set on both accounts. In terms of collectibles, and the collection set of games unleashed by Konami last summer.

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