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A Metal Gear Solid remake could be a reality from Konami

February 10, 2015

Turning back the clock to the Playstation 1 days, oh where has the time gone? We grow up so fast, and in doing so we love to change things about ourselves along the way. Hideo Kojima seems to be no exception to the rule, as he has stated for a few years now that he would love to give the original Metal Gear Solid a complete remake. Sure you had The Twin Snakes on the Gamecube, but that didn't quite make the grade for the long time director of the famous franchise behind Solid Snake.

The idea was first talked about a couple of years ago around the time of the first videos and photos of the new Phantom Pain game. At that time the desire to use the Fox Engine to give MGS an overhaul was considered.

There is only so much time in the world, as due to that limitation Kojima had tossed around the idea of lending the project out to other companies. The developers of Oddworld HD had stepped up to the plate and eagerly wanted to take on that task. Still no word if that was even considered, but Hideo is still wanting to take his original brain child and go all out with it.

The question is will he do it or will someone else take the wheel? Using the Fox Engine would be a big leap, but as for the idea being thrown around for an open world title which I would love to see happen, can only cram so much work into one business day and that will likely never happen.

As for you, would you like to see the original Metal Gear Solid be remade? Fire away your comments in the section below.

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