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A new 12 part web series for Silent Hill coming soon

October 9, 2014

With Zenithfilms in the process of making a new Silent Hill movie, it was also decided that the buck doesn't stop there. A web series called Silent Hill Lazarus is on the table, which will take place 16 years after the Requiem storyline. Here is a synopsis for what you can expect from the 12 part series. 

"Jessica, a British psychology student, finds herself on the snow covered fog filled streets, meeting all new characters and returning favourites as she tries to unravel the mystery of why she was summoned to Silent Hill."

Sounds good to me, and for those of you new to the Requiem movie project, let me turn you in the right direction. This is being done by the fans, for the fans and Gareth Morgan will be directing it, owner of Zenithfilms. You can keep up with both the project as well as other news from the links below. You can also follow on Facebook, and feel free to share with others and help spread the word. It's time the world saw a decent SH film, as Revelations 3D didn't exactly make the grade. 

Olwen Davies will be playing the starring role of Heather, while Demi Naylor will be playing Cynthia. Sam Swainsbury will be casted as Henry. You might recall that name if you've seen Thor: The Dark World. Check out the links for yet more info.

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