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A new Castlevania game based on the Nintendo DS titles is headed your way

October 18, 2015

Some of you have been scratching your head and wondering when a new traditional Castlevania game will release, I right? Far too long for some of you, and while it seems the series has somewhat moved away from the typical "MetroidVania" look and feel of games like Castlevania Symphony of the Night, at least a few fans have a different perspective.

It's a fan based title called "Spirit of Lords", and will have the same style and look that the Nintendo DS games had in their appeal. 

If you've played any of the three that I'm talking about then you know exactly what I mean. Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin, and Order of Ecclesia just to refresh your memory, or raise some awareness in case you haven't played them yet. Spirit of Lords will use those three titles as a catalyst to make an all new game.

One that will have Alucard and Soma as the main characters. The game will be made using GameMaker, a popular program being used by developers recently. 

For many of you the thought of being able to play a new Castlevania game that takes after traditional ones has become a reality, and while you're at it you can keep up with development and what is going on with the project by checking out the official Facebook page, where updates occur on a regular basis.

You can also download and old demo that seems to require two players controlled at once, but from what I understand they are modifying the game to where you can have the option to use and control just one character.

I for one am glad to see Alucard back in action, and look forward to seeing new things with the team behind this new title. Check out the game play video below which showcases some of what you can expect from Spirit of Lords.

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