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A new game that takes after Castlevania SOTN

October 9, 2014

Back in the mid 1990s, a special seed was planted by the name of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. At that time I could never imagine the crop that would spring as a result of what some only thought was just another game on the store shelf.

Since then the title has gotten so much attention, that it's been brought back through online subscription services via downloads. You can't keep a good game down, and it only does it justice to share such a great hit with future generations. So what else has happened as a result of SOTN's success?

That would be Lunar Ray Games new project called Timespinner, a game that seems to take the classic PS1 hit and borrows quite a few elements from it in terms of how it not only looks, but also plays. The game features a female character who has the power of time with her, as she travels to destroy an empire.

Along with an assortment of physical weapons, she can literally halt time to freeze her enemies and gain an advantage over them. The project is targeting a release date of November 2015, and with 28 days still left to go on their Kickstarter campaign, they have already accumulated over half the funds they need to reach the $50,000 goal.

I won't say much else, beyond the fact that you should give their page a visit and help pledge a donation to get the project off the ground. The are planning to release the game on Windows, Mac, and even Linux. Other targets include PS4, PsVita, 3DS, Wii-U, Xbox One, and Steam.

Even something as little as 1 dollar can help make a difference. Hey, we are talking about a game that is heavily inspired by Symphony of the Night, right? Every little bit of support can make a difference.

Check out the link and video below for more happy thoughts.

via KickStarter

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