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A new YuGiOh! movie for your living room set

December 12, 2014

Just days now as I write this post for the upcoming new Yu-Gi-Oh! movie launching in 2016, which of course will feature the characters you've come to know and love for the popular trading card game. According to the official Japanese site, there is a countdown timer in place which has about two and a half days left on the sight for the launch of the website itself, along with silhouettes of YĆ«gi and Kaiba to boot.

So I'm pretty sure those two are on the character list officially. The fans have been waiting a long time for another new movie release for YuGiOh and they finally got it. At least a Japanese release as of right now, and hopefully a western release will be on the horizon for sometime in the future for those who live in that part of the world.

Vice president of 4K Media made a statement in regards to bringing out the movie release. “We're thrilled to bring the Yu-Gi-Oh! characters back to theater screens for their enthusiastic fan base.”  4K Media as some may want to know, is a subsidiary of Konami Digital Entertainment who also works with the franchise and its development.

On another note, for those who want to experience some YuGiOh online for a change, you can catch both anime episodes as well as updated news and information on characters at the newly launched site that debuted earlier this year. The site is currently undergoing more changes and plans to extend support for different parts of the world. So if you can't access the videos as of yet, you might be able to in the coming months ahead.

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