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A new YuGiOh movie sitting in your living room

October 9, 2014

For years now Konami has been building up a wide arsenal of fans for the YuGiOh! series. The ever increasing popular trading card game has taken off so much, that a movie was in order to satisfy duelists all over the world. The problem is that it's been quite a while since a movie was released. Well, that is about to change, as Konami Digital Entertainment's sub company "4K-Media" has recently announced that a new film is currently in development, in Japan that is.

Although it may be in development, there is no set release date for it as of yet, and no word if the new movie will make it to western parts of the world. Something that fans everywhere are probably wondering right now. This also makes 14 years now that the Yu-Gi-Oh! series has been broadcasting in many major areas. I knew it was popular, but even I didn't know it would last this long. The more the merrier right?

Don't forget you can also catch your favorite classic episodes as the recently launched new site, which also has information on characters and other items of interest. The ability to watch said episodes depends of course on what part of the world you're currently in. You can catch all the classics and more here.

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