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A Paper Planes parody using the Konami cheat code

December 28, 2014

The famous Konami cheat code has been around before many of you were even born. Since its original implementation in a well known shooter game called Gradius, it has had more uses than you can possibly count off the top of your head. It's been used in not only multiple games to get lives and power-ups, but you will even find the famous code in websites that make them do unusual things like have dinosaurs pop up wearing funny hats.

Even Twitter once got in on the act whereby using the code made the bird do a back flip. You would think that after all of these years people would be tired of it by now, but there are those who still continue to find new uses for it, giving it another round of views from the fans.

Well it seems lighting has struck again, this time with a cool video from the author who calls himself "Black Nerd Comedy", and comedy is what you will find in this video which is based on the M.I.A. hit song "Paper Planes". A parody that of course involves the beloved cheat code that gave you 30 lives in Contra and full fire power in Gradius.

In the video he sings about how difficult it was for him to play through the Challenging Gradius and Contra game without getting killed one too many times. Then the code gets introduced to him by his friend and enables him to finish the game. A tribute made in such a unique way. This is one of the more popular ones I've seen so far.

Do you have an experience with a Konami Easter egg from a site you've experienced? Perhaps it was hidden in some program, game, or application you've witnessed. Either way, tell me about your unique experience and I just might do a post about it here for you.

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