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A personal reaction to The Glitch video from Corridor Digital

February 11, 2015

Game glitches have been around for as long as I can remember. Going way back to the days of the original Atari 2600 all the way up until now. In the beginning there was only simple glitches that did small but odd things. Some like in Double Dragon allowed you to walk up walls and release flying barrels, while others allowed you to exploit them to finish the game earlier or easier.

Since then the glitches have only gotten more complicated as games have gotten more technologically advanced in the process. Konami has seen its fair share of game glitches, as shown in the Metal Gear Solid 1 corruption video I posted about a while back.

In the corruption video you can see a number of areas where Solid Snake and other characters are quite messed up. The Ps1 days was a time when 3D gaming was still a bit in its infancy, and game characters sometimes looked a bit like a group of polygons.

The Glitch is a parody take on how glitches have impacted our lives, and according to the community of viewers, it seems the video was based somewhat on Call of Duty. Corridor Digital shows just how funny things can be while adding a bit of special effects to the mix. You probably have never seen Super Mario like this before. Be sure to check out the behind the scenes look at how it was made while your at it.

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