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A possible English translation for Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki

April 25, 2015

Sounds too good to be true? Well, if this personal project gets enough attention, you could very well see Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki get an English translation in the form of a video. Indeed, and the man behind the helm of making it happen is Cedrick Kinnison.

For well over 2 years now, this Suikoden game has been staring fans in the face who don't speak Japanese, and I along with thousands of others have been trying to get it localized to the rest of the English speaking world, but to no avail. At least with the continuation of this project you will have a chance to finish the game.

There is a gamefaq for it, but it only guides you through the game and doesn't really explain the story and what is going on.

After all, that's at least half of the game right? Right, and the main reason why Suikoden fans all over the planet are drooling at the very thought of seeing it make it outside of the realm of Japan, and into their own living rooms with an English translation.

Well, there is a catch, so pay close attention. This video project needs just that, attention. So share the video, leave your comments, let others know about it,.......and I mean everyone you can think of. If this takes off and gets enough support, then Cedrick will see reason to continue the English walk through video to its final conclusion.

f not, then bye bye any chance of you or I playing it all the way through. That is, unless you can speak Japanese pretty well.

From the description of Cedrick's YouTube page:

"This is my test translated walkthrough of one of Konami's most famous franchise, an old 2012 PSP Game. Gensou Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki that not localized in english until now. I subtitled it, I can't do hacking, so don't force me to make english patch.

I found some walkthrough, but it only explains how to complete this game, not "how is this game's story". I've completed this game long ago.

I won't force you to play this game again if you've already completed this game and know all the story behind this game. But, for you who doesnt know and you wanna know the story, I'll give my best to make the continuation of this walkthrough.

Just share your thoughts about this video on the comment below, if you want the continuation I make it, if don't I'm not.

The continuation of this test walkthrough is depend on you guys!"

As a reminder, this is not some kind of rom hack, it is a way to play the actual game as it should be with a walk through English video that translates the story within. So please don't pressure Cedrick into doing some kind of patch, but you get the point. At this juncture it doesn't look like our dreams of getting this great Suikoden game localized to the West and beyond, so this is the next best thing until Konami of Japan has a change of heart and decides to grace us with it.

Even a Steam release would be great, and would also allow us to play it on our PC monitors. So let's get those share buttons clicking, and try to drive some support for this project!

Comment on YouTube

-NOTICE- This blog post has become extremely popular, as the fans have been asking about a possible translation for Genso Suikoden for some time now. Konami so far has no word if they will ever localize the game, but if enough people ask for one they just might do a steam release.

In the meantime if you know someone who is a programmer and can speak Japanese, that could also be an option.

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please, make it to english version, i beg please...


please make our dream come true with english release

It June 2016 please make it english. !!

Its 2016 now... and still waiting for someone who can turn this into reality! :D #hope

Keep up the works! I am rooting for you! ^^

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! I beg of you! Make this happen! I'm a Suiko-freak, and if I'm not allowed to play this in english, then I may have to do something drastic... Like play something not suikoden related... This is a problem.

Great job on this!! Keep up the great work and please finish it. I would love to play this game all the way through the story looks amazing!

wahh! Please do... I want to play this again. 1st time I played this was uhh. Ok..Game play is epic but the story. uhh..xD Hope they'll make a FAN TRANSLATION :D \m/

Dear Konami

Please make Cedrick Kinnison work to be come true and bring an englisch version of Suikoden a woven web of a centuary an the way .

For all Suikoden Fans of the World :-)

I am from Germany and a great Fan from the Series