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A Revoltech Yamaguchi Raiden figure you can slice into

October 24, 2014

Ever since Raiden made his appearance in Guns of the Patriots, fans have wanted to know about his background and wanted to use him as a playable character in an exclusive game just for him. That wish came true with Rising Revengeance earlier this year, and since then players have wanted the famous cyber ninja sitting on their desk in front of them.

Well the genie has answered your wish once again with the awesome Revoltech Yamaguchi Raiden action figure. Aside from his cool looking plasma sword, you can see in the photos below that he comes with some additional accessories to boot.

A melon that splits apart, check, seven detachable arm parts, check, a red eyeball, for sure but you have to insert it carefully to make use of it. There is also a holder, something to the effect of a sword scabbard to place your plasma sword in. That blue wave looking item is a stand for Raiden's foot that looks flashy.

There is also a tall clear stand that holds Raiden in place for those of you who want to put him on a shelf for friends to drool over. Oh and that card board box you see below?, yeah. That is just like the kind that Solid Snake hides in to keep enemies from noticing him. You have to put it together though.

So where in the world can you get one of these darlings? Amazon is a good place to start. You can also check out even more pictures of this Raiden figure from the Facebook page for it. Let me know what you think about those photos below in the comment section.

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