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A Silent Hill 3 horror movie now comes in Portuguese-BR

December 29, 2014

When the first two Silent Hill movies were released, many fans were not all that thrilled about the lack of elements from the game. It became more apparent when Revelations was launched on Halloween of October 2012, when it seemed that once again Hollywood wants to put in a movie what they want to in order to please the masses, and not so much the fans.

Well thankfully we have all of the wonderful cut scenes from Silent Hill 2 and 3, and a few individuals have taken the time to cut out the game play elements so you can basically watch them all from start to end.

The result was a pretty lengthy movie you can sit back and enjoy. But what about those who don't speak English? For those who speak Portuguese-Br you are in luck, because a group of dedicated fans have taken their precious time to add some voice overs for the characters in the game, and the end product is now a Silent Hill 3 movie that they too can watch at their pleasure. 

The cast who did the dubbing parts:

Heather - Teyuki
Douglas - Elitom Souza
Claudia - Zizibs Zeebas
Vincent - Bruno Shinkou
Leonard - Marlo George
Mulher Confessionário - Fernanda Prevedello
Fiel da Ordem - Serenity
Ligador do Outro Mundo - Alexsandro Magalhães
Guia da Mansão Borley - Will Arruda
Direção e Edição : Henderson Souza / Silent Fandub

If you want to check out the crew on Facebook, you can do so here.

For those of you who do speak English, and simply want to watch the original in HD, you can do so as well. Simply check out two other posts for both the second game and third.

If you have any movie or cut scene projects that you want to share with others, then leave a comment below and I will be glad to take a look at it and possibly do a post about it to let others know. If you like what you saw in the first two cut scene based movies then leave a comment telling what your thoughts are.

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