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A Silent Hill collection any fan would be proud of

January 26, 2015

I've seen some collections in my day, but none can compare to the raw dedication this Silent Hill fan has put into his collection, which spans across nearly every conceivable item you can think of from the series. Forget the games, those are in their of course.

This fan has items like Robbie the Rabbit still in the plastic wrap, along with the same in movie props from the film Revelations which launched at the end of October 2012. Other gems include the Silent Hill 2 radio which looks cool as can be, signed prints, soundtracks, posters, and more just to name a few from a collection of over 300 items and still counting!

Are you starting to drool yet? Check out that jacket and Heather Mason figures.

If that didn't amaze you, then how about taking it to another level. He also managed to get a pitched document from the Silent Hill game idea that never took off, which was Cold Hearts. He currently runs a Facebook page which has 15,000 likes so far, along with a website where he showcases much more you can check out from his accumulated treasures over the years.

Among them is even a 3D print of the fetus that was lying in the sink of the famous P.T. demo that launched on the PS4 network last year. You know, the one that had many a bit too scared to play it.

If you are a collector yourself, and would like to have an experience or some photos you would like to share, leave a comment in the section below and tell me about it! I do try to take a look at everything and will consider it for a possible post.


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