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A top 8 moments in Castlevania history that will bring back some haunting memories

August 16, 2016

As we kick off round 3 of Castlevania week, we take a look at some moments from the history of the series that you might remember. When I first laid my eyes on the first title after having purchased it, I didn't know what to expect myself. I thought it would be just another platform game, but the interesting side of it caught my attention when I noticed the cover lable, and saw a vampire hunter wielding a whip, along with the face of Dracula on it.

Oh we go again I thought. I mean, now many times in history has the story of Dracula been done?

I can't even count that high, and some of the movies were cheesy at best, leaving a bad taste in your mouth after having watched through a couple of them. But a game that does the same probably seemed worse at best. So how good can it be really?

Being the kind of person that will "give things a chance" if given the chance, and after hearing reviews from fellow friend on how good the game was, I decided to go for it. At the time, we didn't have the Internet, and the only source of reviews we had were either game magazines, or word of mouth from other game players.

That might have worked back then to a degree, but these days of course we always expect more input before we lay down a chunck of our hard earned money before doing a nose dive into a new game, and staying up all night trying to complete it.

But there it went, and after playing through the first stage of Dracula's castle, I knew I wanted more, and would hope this meant the beginning of a new series that would soon take off.

Take off it did, and in a way that has made so many waves in the gaming  industry that there is even a Castlevania concert that pays tribute to just the awesome game music that went along with it. Seriously, look at what has taken place over the years.

You've had so many games to choose from, along with concerts, musical tributes, fan cosplay, and also a YouTube series Castlevania movie that starred a couple of characters played by celebrities from the Star Trek episodes.

Michael Dorn as the "Werewolf" in Castlevania: Hymn of Blood

Not to mention all the cosplay & art that came pouring in from the fans over the years. I would say that constitutes a reason to blog about it, as I am one of the few news blogs that tries to keep up with this sort of thing, rather than just do the standard news that everyone else does.

So without further delay, here is a video courtesy of GigaBoots that shows the top 8 moments in Castlevania history, and might even show you a thing or two you didn't know. A few of which even I didn't know. Enjoy!

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