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A tribute to the most beautiful music in gaming history - Castlevania The Concert

October 5, 2015

They've made more than a few waves in their day, and rightly so. Castlevania The Concert is a performance by fans of the series who do a fantastic job recreating some of the best game music you've ever heard. Even the lovely and talented Michiru Yamane is on board doing her piece for Symphony of the Night, which has to be the grandfather of all Castlevania games.

Not to mention has one of the best soundtracks you will ever hear in a game. The series is deeply rooted in both artistry, and much so that it only makes sense to have a concert dedicated to it every now and then right? Right.

Performances from the concert range from various titles from some the best Castlevania games from the first game, all the way up to SOTN. Michiru herself travels all the way from Japan to perform on stage. Can't have the kool-aid without the sugar right? From the official site, here is the list of songs performed and their respective titles.

Dracula's Castle - Symphony of the Night

Theme of Simon Bemont - Super Castlevania IV

Chandeliers - Super Castlevania IV

Requiem of the Gods - Symphony of the Night

Tragic Prince - Symphony of the Night

Clock Tower - Aria of Sorrow

The Sinking Old Sanctuary - Bloodlines

Bloody Tears - Simon's Quest

Opposing Bloodlines - Dracula X

Lost Painting - Symphony of the Night

Wood Carving Partita - Symphony of the Night

Beginning - Castlevania III

Calling from Heaven - Bloodlines

Dance of Pales - Symphony of the Night

Dance of Illusions - Dracula X

Vampire Killer - Castlevania

Press conference - Erik Eklund, Michiru Yamane, David Westerlund, Simon (translater to Yamane)

Along with the idea of doing live concerts, if you're lucky enough you can land one of these cool T-Shirts to boot. Assuming there are any still floating around out there and aren't sitting upon someone's collection set.

While managing to land a ticket to a concert is a bit on the rare side, you can still watch and listen to the performances thanks to a little known invention called YouTube. Here are a select few videos for you to gander at......and there is more where that came from of course. Now if only you had one of those awesome T-Shirts.

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