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A video of how virtual reality games might be too early for the gaming industry

June 11, 2016

How long has the concept been around now? Well, since the days of Tron at least right? That was way back in the early 1980s. The idea of virtual reality, putting a live human being into a computer generated world has been around since most of us can barely remember.

As gamers when we buy a game, we want to be sucked into a world with great graphics, game play, and a look & feel of actually being there in that environment. When Wolfenstein first released on the PC in the early 90s, I was blown away at how it made me feel like I was actually walking down the halls of a Nazi prison camp, fighting my way to freedom.

Konami has recently indicated that they too will join the army of developers out there in making their own virtual reality games. In a statement release last month they said.....

"In the entertainment market, along with the rapid spread of smartphones and tablet PCs, which spurred a worldwide increase in users, as well as enhanced device functionality and the development of information and telecommunications, infrastructure, game contents continue to diversify.

As new video game consoles also continue to spread at a record-setting pace in Western countries and production of video games utilizing virtual reality (VR) becomes full-scale, business opportunities in the game industry are increasing.

In the gaming industry, gaming business is expected to continue to grow as the casino market worldwide continues to see the spread supported by development of resources related to tourism and opening new casino facilities."

"As we continue to move with the times and take on new challenges, we aim to create and provide “Valuable Time” to customers, including through the production of new games that utilize virtual reality (VR) and the serious development of e-Sports."

E-Sports, heard right. For you PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) fans, this might mean something special for you. For years now e-sports fans and developers have been going through a type of transition where the look and feel of playing the game just had to get better and better over time. The more technology improves, the more expectations you and I have from the games themselves.

As you may or may not know, Konami ALREADY makes virtual girlfriend games. Love Plus.

Can you imagine playing a PES game as a virtual reality game? It almost seems too good to be true, and yet we were saying that about how games look now around 25 years ago. While attempts in the past to make that transition years ago failed rather badly, the gaming scene has finally gotten to a point to where it's becoming more rational. Or is it?

One video does show where the gaming industry needs to make some improvements. After all, when I'm in the kitchen......or rather in the virtual reality kitchen making dinner, should I not actually feel like I'm there....and baking a cake?

This video seems to think so, and clarifies how VR headsets and games need to get into the groove of reality itself, and take a quantum leap away from making VR games look more like first person shooter games with a twist right?

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