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A YouTube comedy video for your holiday shopping weapons guide

December 26, 2014

Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas? Almost? Well what is that in the corner over there, yeah. You know, behind the desk. No it isn't a Red Rider BB gun with a compass and stock. It's a wooden plank with a nail in it. Wait, where have I seen that before? Yeah, Silent Hill 2. The game that is hailed as one of the best of the best survival horror games ever created, and for good reason too.

SH 2 had what it takes for a horror game to get noticed. It kept you on the edge of your seat, and scared the dog squeeze out of you if you weren't careful. So why not take some time this holiday season to have some comedy revenge with a YouTube video that will have you laughing so hard your belly will shake like a bowl full of jelly.

Fungo has edited and uploaded a video that depicts the game in what you might call a "Holiday shoppers guide for Silent Hill weapons". The first culprit of course being the standard wooden plank with a nail in it. Simple and funny work together with a fake ad starring Guy Cihi and David Shaufele (voice of James Sunderland and Eddie) doing the voices. If the plank is not enough, why not move onto the metal pipe?

I have some fond memories of it as well. If that doesn't suit you then move onto a gun, a revolver to be precise. Still not enough? Then you need a rifle by your side if you can handle it fast enough.

Next is the famous chain saw. Just be sure not to hurt your friend standing next to you in the dark. Finally, your best friend is the "Hyper Spray". What is hyper spray? Why it takes care of those nasty roaches that keep annoying you and running around everywhere. Last but not least is the "Great Knife", you know......the one that comes from that creepy Pyramid Head fellow.

Order yours now and receive your very own Silent Hill radio! It only puts out static, but at least it's from the game! Order today because supplies are limited and the last thing you want is for your neighbor to be taunting you with the ones he bought right?

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