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Adult Swim's Robot Chicken does a parody of Contra and the Konami Code

May 22, 2016

What kind of sick f**k gives a man exactly 30 lives? Konami that's who, and the same guys that created the famous Konami code have made more than a few waves in their days with the same thing. The code has been around for oh......around 30 years now? Not quite but it's getting close.

Originally intended for the side scrolling shooter "Gradius" in order to give beta testers an advantage for playing the game while beta testing, the code has done much more than just that. Since then it has managed to find its way into other games for the sake of giving more lives, and in recent years it's acted as something of an "Easter Egg" for unlocking specific sequences of events on certain websites.

Contra Evolution never had the Konami code

Who knows, it just might be lurking in this one at some point, but don't hold your breath. Do however enjoy yet another time when the famous Konami code has made yet another appearance in the hit TV show "Robot Chicken", created by Seth Green.

A name that might be familiar to you if you've ever seen the famous movie trilogy "Austin Powers", as well as the cartoon TV show Family Guy, which he does the voice acting for Chris Griffin.

Along with his career came a number of other roles, but this one shines a special spotlight today on this blog, as he does a hilarious parody of the original Contra game we all love and know so well.

The famous run and gun shooter title gets a bump from Seth Green which highlights that special "immortal" feeling you get when you enter the code to give you 30 lives. The feeling goes away rather quickly, when at the end you realize you ARE limited to just that. 30 men my friends, but continues are a blessing right?

Get ready to laugh, and then take what lives you have left and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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