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Akira plays live music, but you still get it online YouTube video style

December 1, 2014

Akira Yamaoka has to be one of the most famous video game music composers in the business. His work in the Silent Hill game series alone merits him an achievement that will resonate with fans for years to come. So much so that he decided to start his own......well......Silent Hill band. Indeed, for a few years now he has been hitting the road and taking his music skills with him.

This of course sometimes with the talented and lovely Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, who contributes her eve so lovely voice to the mix. A short while back, both Akira and Castlevania music composer Michiru Yamane had joined forces to bring their talents to the VConcert in Mexico, where they performed some of their best music pieces from the series.

I myself being  a Castlevania fan would love to have been there to see it live, but if you were fortunate enough to catch it on Twitch.Tv then that was the next best thing.

Well, back by popular demand, here is the Japan Expo concert starring Yamaoka and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn doing what they do best, with voice and instrument in hand. This is the recent 2014 event, and Akira has also performed in a number of other parts of the world, such as Los Angeles with a few surprise guests sometimes.

After leaving Konami in 2009, which took place after the departure of my other dear favorite Yamane in 2008 after her final contribution to Order of Ecclesia, more than a few fans have wondered what their next move was in the gaming world. For Michiru, titles like Bug Panic, and Flying Hamster 2 were on the roster, along with Akira doing other music composition projects with his almighty band performance on the side. Just sit back, turn your stereo up and you'll see what I mean.

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