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Akira Yamaoka adds some spice to Eternal Slumber

October 29, 2014

Here is a name you Silent Hill game fans just might be familiar with, Akira Yamaoka. That's right, the former composer who did a lot of those creepy and eerie sounds you're probably used to hearing in Silent Hill. It seems that video game music is attracting more and more attention these days, even with orchestral bands performing classics like Metal Gear and Castlevania live on stage for all to enjoy. This little nugget of joy is just a tad bit different however.

There is a Japanese band out there called DIR EN GREY, and they have a very unique and yet pleasant song called Eternal Slumber. Well here is the interesting part, Akira Yamaoka decided to add some of his magic to the equation and he produced a remix of this new song.

It of course has been simply titled, "Eternal Slumber Remix", and yet it has that mystical and spooky type of sound you and I have come to expect from Yamaoka.

Let me bring you up to speed, the first one you see below is the original "Promo" song done by the original band themselves, while the one below it is the remix handiwork of Akira Yamaoka. Both are worth checking out, and after you're done listening to them, let me know which one is your favorite, or if you simply like both of them.

Update - One video can only be seen in certain countries.

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