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Akira Yamaoka and his Silent Hill band

October 29, 2014

He left, but he is not forgotten. Akira Yamaoka is renowned for his creepy game music, and his inspiration continues in the form of a live band, called the Silent Hill Band. That's properly named well enough, and joining him is Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, a very familiar name known to do voice acting for a number of past games. If you remember part 2, you would know here as the voice of Mary Shepherd-Sunderland, and also Maria.

We can't forget that one, it was too well made. The band has done it's first live performance, which is really awesome to watch and lasts almost an hour if you have the time on your hands. I've watch some of it myself and it's pretty darn good. Not bad for a former music composer, as Akira Yamaoka is the one tearing up the stage with the guitar, which he plays rather well.

Take a look at the video below and see what you think of it. Akira Yamaoka may be absent from the team, but not from our hearts. Silent Hill game music never sounded so good live on stage.

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