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Almost ten thousand dollars for a Castlevania Lithograph artwork painting

October 28, 2014

This is one of those insane items that you can't just turn away from. I mean good grief look at it. If you are a true Castlevania fan, especially with a love for one of the best Castlevania games of all time, Symphony of the Night, then you have to take a second look at this.

What you are looking at is none other than an extremely rare Lithograph artwork for SOTN, that comes with an original ornate frame, a prize letter, hanger, and is also signed by the renowned concept artist Ayami Kojima.

Oh and no, she does not happen to be related to Hideo Kojima from what I understand. Funny that. This is apparently a one of a kind masterpiece done for the winner of an exclusive best Castlevania fan contest that was done prior to the release of Symphony of the Night, long ago back in the late 90's.

This is something every die hard Castlevania fan would love to have in their own home, as I know I sure would. This is a Lithograph that took a great deal of time to put together, not to mention quite a bit of work to boot.

Now comes the hard part, the price of this expensive gem. How about you go out and win the lottery, because this Lithograph will cost you about $10,000. Actually the starting bid price was set at a modest $9,499.99 on Ebay back then. Also, judging from the seller's other items, it also looks like he has some other cool items for not only Castlevania, but Metal Gear as well.

You might want to bookmark this guy or something, as some of these items are a little hard to come by. Since that page might be expired sometime in the future, and the pictures there lost in an Internet abyss, I've cherry picked about 10 of those images including Ayami Kojima herself and posted them here for future reference.

Who knows, if you can't have one of your own, at least you can dream right? I know this is a lot of images for one article here, but after all, we're talking about a $10,000 Castlevania Lithograph people!

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