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Along comes a Castlevania fan game for those who long for the old days

October 3, 2016

How long has it been since we've had a new Castlevania game? Wait,.....don't answer that, as it's too painful to think about. After the transition took place from 2D to 3D Castlevania games, it left many die hard fans wondering if Konami would ever see fit to make a traditional style Castlevania ever again. It looks like the truth is starting to sink in, and with it a harsh reminder that all good things come to an end.

But why here, and why now? Well, it's what happens when a new generation of gamers come along and the old generation from the 80s and 90s start getting.....well.....old.

Konami is just like any other company, and they put  their focus on what they believe the market is interested in. You have the masses out there playing the latest MMO on their new generation consoles using team-speak, while playing on a huge 70" 4K flatscreen. That is now considered the "new normal". For lack of a better term.

But is it normal to the rest of us? No, it really isn't. In fact, we long for a day when we can pick up a game controller, and play a traditional classic game like the ones we grew up with. Nothing complicated, nothing using the latest (and sometimes expensive) technology,...just good old fashion platform gaming fun.

Well, thankfully there are fan made games, and while that in itself sounds like it might be something simplistic and unworthy of a typical large company developed AAA title, think again my friend. Castlevania is one of those die hard series that is too hard to put down, and way too hard to forget.

So much so that there is large support for any one person, or group of people who get behind a new game project to keep the spirit alive, and the holy water burning undead flesh.

Castlevania: The Bloodletting is no exception to the rule, and one that has an interesting twist. It is actually based on a game that was supposed to be a sequel to Rondo of Blood for the Pc Engine CD game system, but instead was a cancelled Sega 32X title, and ended up giving way to the grandfather of all titles in the series, and that being Symphony of the Night.

Imagine that one. Well, thanks to the folks who put this sucker together, and right now you can drop what you're doing and download the FULL game.

Complete with multiple endings, secrets for you to find, and 8 kickass stages for you to whip your way through. Be sure to check out a gameplay video below to see it in action, and then get ready to clear your schedule for tomorrow to make way for game time.

"There is always light at the end.....even if we have to make it ourselves."

Story unfolds......

Harker Belmont - Son of Richter Belmont from the town of Jova. He tries to find his father and unlock the mystery of Dracula's Castle's early re-appearance.

Beta 1.3 Full game

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Download link - 2

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