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An animated Metal Gear Solid watch codec is out

January 19, 2015

Remember watching those fabulous James Bond movies way back when? Sure you do, and each new movie kept us coming back for more, especially after seeing all of those cool gadgets 007 got to use. Lasers and computers literally built into watches and pens, that was the Bond way, and now you can have something similar for your Motorola Moto 360 watch with this cool Metal Gear Solid codec animated watch face.

Yes, after all of these years of playing Metal Gear games, you can finally get a piece of the action by having Solid Snake sitting on your wrist, complete with a battery charge indicator to let you know how long you have before you need a recharge.

Also compatible with LG G Watch R, the animated watch face takes rightly after the original MGS from the glory days of PS1 gaming, and features 24 hour time, charging status, and date, along with yours truly Snake.

The last thing you want is to run out of battery power, so not having to perform a pull down to see your charge status and have it read to you all the time is a nice convenience. For those of you ready do jump on board and get yourself a copy of this cool watch face, you can grab it from FaceRepo right now.

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