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An arcade mech game you can blast your way into

October 24, 2014

Turning back the clock, oh let's say around the mid to late 90's when games like Mech Warrior and Earth Defense Force dominated your lives. You couldn't wait to get home from work and fire up a game with your friends. Pulse Cannons and missles heating up your speakers while your parents yelled at you to turn the sound down so they could get some sleep.

Gone are the days when large assault machines replaced your responsibility to do your school homework, .....or are they? In Japan the typical Mech games are still alive and strong, and Konami's latest title should be a rather costly one.

Steel Chronicle Ganesh utilizes a large dome structure complete with a foot pedal, touch panel, surround sound, analog joystick, and even vibration effects. The player will be completely surrounded by awesome technology as they battle against other mech machines. Judging from the the flier below, it looks like something you would love to have in your living room. I know I sure would.

So how much does all those expensive gadgets cost? Since the cost of past machines built by Konami ran somewhere in the $40,000 range, you can expect this darling toy to run around that amount as well. Japan gets all the fun stuff, perhaps I should move there. Check out the previous version launched back in 2011 below.


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