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An illuminating video on how game commercials might be misleading you

April 28, 2016

Remember the old Sega Genesis commercial that went......"Genesis does what Nintendon't"? Yeah, if you are in my age group then perhaps you know what that means. Sega produced a commercial about how their console was somewhat superior to Nintendo's console. They called it "blast processing", which was a term that basically meant their CPU's clock speed was faster.

They were right, but only on that particular count, as the Super Nintendo that was unveiled had a number of features that the Genesis did not. Still both consoles went head to head with fans for both systems standing by their games.

In the end that is another matter for you personally to say which was your favorite and why, as there were also dedicated TurboGrafX-16 fans at the time who stood by their system.

So how have things evolved since then in terms of how game companies market their consoles? One video tries to demonstrate just that, by pointing out how misleading some commercials can be. Is it really that bad you ask? Well, that is for you to decide on where your money was spent and if it was indeed spent well.

In Japan for instance, you won't see many Xbox fans, as the Japanese tend to stay away from consoles produced by Microsoft, and stick with Sony and Nintendo ones instead. They have their reasons, and are dedicated to the very end on the how and why of the matter.

As for you, have you ever bought a game product, and it wasn't what it was advertised, and you feel like you were screwed? Many a gamer have not only done that with consoles and game products, but with many a game to boot.

I can speak from personal experience, as years ago when we didn't have the almighty Internet and game play videos to make our decisions by, and we had to resort to game magazines to get a scrap of clue if the game was worth forking out part of our hard earned paycheck or not.

I'm sure you know the drill, and have likely been there a time or two yourself. Take a look at the video below and see if it brings back some painful memories that left you angry, and your wallet a bit lighter.

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