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An official Wikia page for the Suikoden Revival Movement

October 24, 2014

The Suikoden Revival Movement has been around for a good while now, but the effort and drive to make news of a new Suikoden 6 game have been around for even longer. Started by big fans like Chris Holmes and Ryan Hughes back in late 2010, their goal was to take a long running series like Suikoden and bring it back to life, as Konami had seem to stray away from their classic title, focusing a little too much on games like Metal Gear, Pro Evolution Soccer, Castlevania, and Silent Hill.

Those of which seem to be their four flagship games. Behind this effort was born the Revival Movement, a movement designed with one ultimate goal in mind, to start production of a new Suikoden game.

Where to start though? First, how about bringing the first two games Suikoden I & II onto other formats such as PSN, Xbox Live, and a few mobile based devices? That particular start is also supposed to be a pathway to making a Suikoden VI title a reality. Since that time, the number of members on the official Facebook page has swollen to over 20,000 followers. Not bad at all.

So what is also missing from this now that it has gained such momentum? How about an official wikia page? Sounds good to me, and now that it is a reality, it also serves as yet another catalyst to bringing even more attention to the movement. Below is the goals set by the movement, along with the final goal.

The goals of the SRM are as follows: 

  1. Suikoden I and II on digital distribution worldwide such as PSN, XBLA, Steam Android and iOS
  2. Suikoden III-V on PSN and XBLA worldwide
  3. Localise Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki outside of Japan
  4. Localise the Suikoden Manga/novels outside of Japan
  5. To lobby Konami for greater and more wide-spread advertising of the Suikoden series.
  6. For Konami to distribute various Suikoden merchandise outside of Japan, such as: soundtracks, posters, and art books.
  7. 'For Konami to launch an official, English language Suikoden Facebook fan page

'' Of course, the main goal I'm sure we all want to see here is a main title Suikoden, i.e. Suikoden VI. However, we feel it is more beneficial to revive and promote the older games of the series before we help Konami push for a brand new main title Suikoden.''

Along with the Facebook page, here are several links to bring to your attention should you be somewhat new to this cause. I invite you to get in on it and participate in your own way. Any support is appreciated, and who knows, with enough of you we can and will make a difference! While your at it, check out the beautiful Reminiscence vocal song piece that JoyDreamer did for Suikoden II.

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