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An Xronos arcade style talking alarm clock

October 28, 2014

Unless it's really early, since I'm not a morning person. But one look at this arcade style talking alarm clock and it wouldn't be so rough. It's full title is "Xronos Clock -  Arduino Based Talking Alarm Clock" to quote the sale page.

As you can see from the image below, it has arcade buttons instead of your usual alarm clock button you smash with your fist when it goes off at 5 A.M. Oh, and if you don't like green, no problem partner. It changes to red or orange if you want. Here are some of the features it has listed from that link.

Xronos Clock is not your average Alarm clock. It’s open source, hackable and customizable device. It has a stylish look, hand made, and it Talks! Heck it will even tell you temperature inside your room.
Xronos has 3 cool looking durable arcade buttons that give you simple access to many of it’s features such as:

 - Dual Alarms:  Alarms have both simple Daily or Weekday setting as well as a more customizable selection of days of week when. You can even choose any of 10 Alarm tones be it a buzzer, a melody or special effect such as train,   thunder or police siren.

- Change display color to Green, RED or Orange.

- Adjustable Display brightness

- 12 or 24 hour mode

- Celsius or Fahrenheit selection for temperature sensor, and more!

So the price tag for such a cool arcade stylish talking clock? How about $225 for it, and they seem to be in limited quantity, so if you have money growing out of your ears and really want one, now might be the time to act on it. There are two different models, the second having an orange button.

If you want to see some video action of the clock, check out the video below for it, which showcases its features and functions. You can also check out their home page which shows some more details on it.


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