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Anime art from the Suikoden series shows love from the fans

October 28, 2014

The Suikoden history has been going on for years and years now, and has built up such an enormous amount of fans out there, that even cosplay is something that is not foreign to the series. Whether you have just started playing or have been playing the saga since the beginning, you can see by now how it stands out from other RPG games.

Remember the bath scene? That was always a trip. The only unfortunate thing about Suikoden is a lack of new games in recent years.

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The last thing I talked about on this blog was both Tierkreis and the complete soundtrack that came out a few years ago. It had every single song from every game ever made pretty much. About 650 tracks in total. That was pretty much the end of it right there, until the Revival movement started on Facebook here a while back, which hopefully will land the kind of attention needed to make part 6 come true.

In the meantime, how about some eye candy to cheer you up? If you're like me and want some more, there is a fan art site with some nice anime drawings of the characters and other designs and scenes located at none other than a site I've talked about here before. That would be deviantART, which does more than just host a gallery of any old drawings, but those from fans of the series all over that have sent their handy work in for others to enjoy.

I go there every now and then and take a look at some of the latest entries made by those who long for another good game to play. If you can't get enough of the saga and anime cut scenes, this should help be a nice fill in until Konami decides to focus on producing part VI of the hit, as you the dedicated fan base so desperately need right now.

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