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Anime girls that love music and want to shop

October 29, 2014

Girls just want to shop, and then shop some more, to the point to where you're no longer 6 feet tall when you stand on your wallet. These girls however, will stop at nothing to save their shopping district, and they put on a rock and roll show in order to do just that. Now that's dedication, but where is this coming from? Konami has decided to put out a trailer for a music project entitled Hinabita.

You gotta love music games, especially when Konami is involved, because this time around Tomosuke Funaki, who composed music for Dance Dance Revolution and Beatmania is doing the tracks for this one as well. The official site for this new music project can also be found at if you want to check it out. I believe also you can read their diaries there, including if you have a smart phone. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone. More on this nugget of joy as it unfolds, so check out the trailer below and enjoy.

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