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Another day and another YuGiOh crime stealing cards

October 28, 2014

Sometimes it helps to arm yourself with a gun, especially when you are walking around with a backpack containing a $1,000 worth for Yu-Gi-Oh! merchandise. Someone could whack you over the head with a crowbar and steal it all, and possibly get away with it. Fortunately there is slightly good end to this kind of story, as it is one that actually took place recently.

Toward the beginning of last month, a 20 year old man carrying a backpack with some expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! items was struck over the head with a crowbar by one of three men who attempted to rob him of it. It occurred after the victim talking to one of the robbers about some cards, and when he attempted to grab the backpack, and wouldn't let go, that's when another one of the robbers struck him in the head twice with the bar.

Fortunately they gave up and decided to flee, but were caught on surveillance by cameras, which should hopefully lead to their arrest soon. The photo below shows the three men, and the crime took place in Torrance, California on May 7th this year. If you live in the area, and know who these creeps are, there is a number you can call to report on their whereabouts, or if you have any information that might lead to their arrest is also appreciated. 

Here they are on camera.....

As someone who appreciates the dueling game of Yu-Gi-Oh!, stealing someones belongings in any case is the act of a low life and a loser. Here is to hoping they get caught and thrown into jail where they belong. Detectives can be called at 310-618-5599 if you know anything.

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