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Arcane Ghosts takes after Ghosts and Goblins plus Castlevania

October 9, 2014

Is the world running out of ideas when it comes to gaming? Surely not, as the imagination is boundless. At the same time however, there is nothing wrong with borrowing a few concepts from past titles, especially the classic ones that were such big hits back in the good old days of gaming.

If you're in my age group, that would be the sweet and lovely 8-bit NES era. Two great games that come to mind were both Castlevania, and Ghosts & Goblins. The cream of the crop when it comes to side scrolling platform fun.

So what happens when you marry the two?, that's seems to be where a new iOS game called "Arcane Ghosts" comes into play, which borrows elements from both the Castlevania series, as well as Ghosts and Goblins. Taking a look at the images below, you can see how the inspiration pours over from those two classics, straight to the palm of your hand. You can get a hold of it right now for $1.99 at the Apple store.

Although optimized for iPhone5, it also is compatible with 4, 4s, fifth generation iPod Touch, third and fourth gen iPad, iPad mini with or without retina display. Be sure to check out a game play video below for more juice.

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