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Are some bothered by the family scene in Lords of Shadow 2?

October 24, 2014

It's been called somewhat of a "rape scene", one that brings back memories of RapeLay, a Japanese game that depicted scenes of raping a woman and her daughter. But is that all there is to it?, or is this whole thing being blown out of proportion. Let me bring you up to speed in case you missed it.

A few days ago US Gamer Kat Bailey had a chance to play Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. While playing it, she stumbled upon a scene where Lord Dracula encounters a family, and thus like the usual vampire, bites and drains the husband of his life energy to restore his own. He then precedes to do the same to the mother, draining her life energy.

This has been called by Kat to be somewhat of an "allusions to rape", bringing back memories of RapeLay, a game produced in Japan that shows rape scenes, particularly one involving a woman and her daughter. The game was banned in several countries, and sparked somewhat of a controversy to say the least.

After witnessing the vampire feasting on a family, Kat told MercurySteam producer Dave Cox that Yes, did make her feel uncomfortable after being asked if that was the case by Cox. Cox then responded "Good, that's what we wanted, that's exactly what we wanted."

Kat asked if the scene could be removed from Lords of Shadow 2, with Cox dismissing the idea completely.

Cox stated that it was an adult game, made for adults. So after the article I did the other day on this issue,  I noticed that both videos and other sites picked up on the piece that Kat Bailey did at USGamer the other day, which many believe that the comparison she drew about the family scene in LOS2 being “constructed with the intention of evoking sexual assault" was going too far.

Look, I don't know this woman at all, but it seems to me she took the concept of vampires in a video game, and a real life scenario involving actual rape, and distorted the meaning of the two.

Kat Bailey, this is not a mindset worthy of a journalist, nor one worthy of a gamer. The simple fact that you made these hideous statements, slandering Dave Cox in the process, and then refuse to rectify the situation for whatever agenda you have is simply disgusting.

I do not condone in any way the concept of rape or sexual assault, but what you fail to understand is vampire games and movies have been doing this sort of thing for years now. First, you don't like it because it makes you feel uncomfortable, and then want it removed from the game. Why? Was it the simple fact that a woman was involved? What about the husband and child, what are they, chicken feed?

How about this, did you ever play Silent Hill 3? Yeah, the main character was Heather. I can understand why some would dislike scenes depicting women getting attacked in games, but let me ask you a question, where is the cut off point? Where is the point to where the other 99% of us stand up and say enough is enough.

Kat should apologize to Dave Cox for her comments, and alas, I seriously doubt she will. An ego can be a terrible thing sometimes. To add some fuel to this discussion and shed some light on the issue, let's take a look at a video and you'll get the point if you haven't already. A slight warning though, it has a bit of cussing in it, so I'm just throwing a NSFW out there in case you need it.

UPDATE - Dave Cox did tweet about the matter when it was brought up, here is his tweet below.

Kat Bailey's Article
The Hugbox Chronicles Episode 2 on Vampires 

The video below may be unsuitable for some viewers, or NSFW.

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