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Attack of the Contra clones with Super Cyborg

October 7, 2014

For any of you going through what I like to call "Contra withdrawal pains" from the lack of a new title in such a long time, you are in a bit of luck finally. Game developer Artur Games has got the cure for your run and gun shooter needs with a new title called Super Cyborg. The new title is starting to make some waves in the gaming scene in the sense that it takes massive inspiration from the long time running Contra game series, and does it quite well. Here are some of the features straight from the official blog.

Game features:

  • 3 difficulty levels (easy, normal, hard - unlocks when you'll beat normal mode)
  • local cooperative (2 players mode)
  • 7 hardcore levels
  • awesome chiptune soundtrack
  • many unique bosses and enemies

Graphics and program: Leftiy
Level and enemy design: Leftiy
Music: Darkman007      (
Sound effects: Leftiy
Help man: Ordos
Testing: Leftiy, Ordos, Darkman007

While is plays much like Super-C, recently Super Cyborg has also been given a Steam Green light, but you can get it right now if you don't want to wait for it from the source page at Desura.

Artur games has also posted the cheat code sequence which also takes some reference from the Konami code.

Cheat codes for the game:

40 lives: [left],[left],[right],[right] ,[up],[down],[down] ,[up],[down], [jump],[jump],[jump] - you need to input this code on title screen and if it's done correctly you'll hear a sound effect. And this code works only when you start a new game.
level select: [main fire],[jump],[jump],[alternate fire], [up],[right],[down],[left],[up], [right],[down],[left] - input this code on title screen
weapon select: [right],[jump],[left],[jump],[up] ,[main fire],[up],[main fire] ,[alternate fire] - input this code in pause during the game

You need to input these codes pretty fast to make them work.

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the game is great. The developer of this game speaks russian language. But i dont know what country is his motherland.
You can buy the game on Desura.
Soon the game must be on STEAM because it has GREENLIGHT. It wil be with new engine Monkey X in the game with new effects and sounds.
Waiting for it!!!